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Do you have a Sulcata that needs rehoming? Contact us today..
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Sulcata Tortoise Rescue
We rescue and provide sanctuary for Sulcata Tortoises that have outgrown their enclosures or just need a new home when their families are no longer able to care for them. Our almost ten acre ranch has lots of great grazing room and sandy soil where these beautiful creatures seem to thrive and grow.
Not only do we offer a great home but they also are used to educate the public about conservation of these wonderful creatures.
Rose Of Sharon Ranch does not breed and we encourage rescue and rehoming to anyone interested in owning a Sulcata. 
Please do your research and understand what Sulcata's require. They will outlive you and can grow into 150-200lb tanks that require lots of space and solid enclosures...
We love doing educational Sulcata field trips.Contact us today about a field trip for your group!
Get up close and personal with Sulcata's feed them and learn about their habitat...